Dick's Hideaway



Positive 13

  • Great bar. - alistair
  • George is a great bar waiter and a genuinely nice guy. - M
  • We sat at the bar and were greeted by a very nice bartender who promptly made us a couple of proper and tasty margaritas with fresh squeezed limejuice. - Steve
  • The smells are wonderful, the staff is kind and attentive ... it is the perfect neighborhood bar. - Jill
  • Wood floors, cozy tables, cool wood bar, fully testosterone driven decor with some Kokopellis and Coyotes thrown in for good measure. - Crel
  • What a better experience than being crammed like a sardine into a sports bar! - Brad
  • The bar has a ton to select from and the cooks are happy to chat with you and hang with you while they're making whatever delicious delight you ordered. - Staja
  • Sit at the bar for the best experience. - C
  • Best hole in the wall bar and restaurant in town! - Steve
  • When me and my husband need a quiet night out we go here and find a quiet place at the bar. - Anita

Negative 2

  • It was very dark and noisy, I felt the music was too loud, but at the time I didn't know that this was the bar. - Is
  • The set up is a bit weird with a bar and then a couple huge tables in the back. - Jennifer



Positive 27

  • Good food, good ambiance, awesome service. - m
  • Super service. - C
  • So delicious, great service, cool atmosphere. - Michael
  • Coffee is good, service attentive.. food is excellent. - Scott
  • Great service. - Dan
  • Just stellar service. - Jeff
  • Good service. - Steve
  • Service was quick, efficient and friendly. - J
  • Service/Cleanliness: Our waitress was attentive, funny, a smartass (but in a good way) and made great recommendations. - John
  • The food, ambiance and service are wonderful and the setting both comfortable and cozy. - Andrew

Negative 8

  • Service is awful and rude!!!!!!!!!!!! - M.
  • The service was horrible! - Timothy
  • It may be wonderful for lunch or dinner, but we had by far the worst breakfast and the worst service ever experienced in the Valley. - Ellen
  • I just wrote a review on tripadvisor and read obe other comment where customer also complained about nothing else but the service! - V
  • Customer service makes or breaks a business! - V
  • You would think that because we were early the service would be wonderful. - Ellen
  • The service from one main individual has always been poor to fair. - Timothy
  • The service here was good but I felt sorry for the waiters and waitresses BC I saw at least 3 party's leave BC they didn't want to wait. - Sandy



Positive 68

  • Consistently good food! - mike
  • Great experience, great company, great food. - Staja
  • Good food, good ambiance, awesome service. - m
  • Great flavors and very fresh food along with a warm, cozy atmosphere. - Dina
  • Great food, drinks, and the staff was super friendly and helpful. - Martin
  • Coffee is good, service attentive.. food is excellent. - Scott
  • WONDERFUL food. - Alison
  • Amazing food! - Steve
  • EXCELLENT FOOD. - Craig Randal
  • Great food, cool setting. - Whitney

Negative 15

  • By then, you can barely appreciate the food youre eating and ruins your impression of this place rated at 4.5 stars. - V
  • The food is very HEAVY/greasy, it's expensive ($100.00 for 3 people) for what you get, and the preparation is poor at best. - Steven
  • She didnt come back to our table until she probably saw we were done with our food! - V
  • Then my food came and my plate was so dried out! - Timothy
  • The food came out very quickly. - Sunny Joy
  • If you like heavy, greasy, premium priced food, then this place is for you. - Steven
  • I will try Luci's next door, they seem friendly and the food was half the price! - Timothy
  • The food was a bit greasy. - Michelle
  • No one paid attention to me, even when a bartender walked right by to deliver food. - David
  • In the past the food was what it was all about for breakfast anyways, it was fantastic! - Timothy



Positive 10

  • Perfectly poached eggs over two juicy perfectly seasoned pork loins... and it was all on top of a tortilla. - Alex
  • The eggs benedict however was superlative in its own right, with a perfectly poached egg on top. - Nam
  • The Enchiladas and Eggs are awesome as well. - Richard
  • The pork was amazingly tender, the chile spicy and full of roasted flavor, and the eggs were perfectly poached. - Kaylin
  • My girlfriend ordered huevos rancheros with over easy eggs and green sauce and I ordered breakfast enchiladas, over easy eggs and green sauce. - Jeff
  • Posole is phenomenal, and I also love enchiladas and eggs. - Jeremiah
  • The green chile and eggs was amazing! - Kaylin
  • The eggs benedict was cooked perfectly. - Alex
  • Get the Carne Adovada and eggs it is the best! - Sophisticated
  • Says it was the best eggs benedict she has had. - Craig Randal

Negative 1

  • When we finally got seated, I was so excited to order the poached eggs rancheros. - Jessica



Positive 14

  • The staff was super friendly, super helpful and super nice--always making sure we had everything we needed and that our margaritas were full. - Uyen
  • Everything taste incredible and the scallops were probably one of the best we have ever had...super tender and way mouthwatering. - JeannieRafael
  • Everything is fabulous, it's close to home and it's kind of like our little secret. - Deb
  • Everything else was great. - C
  • Overall, everything was well worth the price and the trip over. - Mitty
  • Dick's is as good as it gets for breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour, dinner, or reverse happy hour.. Basically, for everything! - Nicole
  • Everything that we ate was perfect ... chicken quesadilla, cheese steak sandwich ... the fries are great. - Jill
  • ;) otherwise everything I've tried is delicious! - Kristie
  • Everything on the plate was delicious. - Joe
  • Everything was delicious and well seasoned (simple). - Dolores

Negative 1

  • Everything we ordered was either wrong or undercooked. - Ellen



Positive 43

  • Best best place to eat and drinks. - Steven
  • Wow ... this place is amazing. - Karen
  • Great place and highly recommend this restaurant. - Jeff
  • Very cool vibe to the place, the wait staff was great and the food was fantastic! - JeannieRafael
  • P McCullough: Wow...what a cool place and the food is outstanding. - Patrick
  • Such a cool place. - C
  • Place is just always great! - Jeff
  • Stick with the good stuff, this isn't the place to eat healthy. - Anita
  • I am thankful that Dick's is such a hard place to find, and even happier knowing it's certainly worth the search. - Brendan
  • The place is just great. - JO

Negative 14

  • By then, you can barely appreciate the food youre eating and ruins your impression of this place rated at 4.5 stars. - V
  • I must say i used to love this place but I dont think I will frequent for a while. - Timothy
  • If you like heavy, greasy, premium priced food, then this place is for you. - Steven
  • I've now tried this place several times. - Steven
  • the place has gone downhill - john
  • About sums up my opinion of the place - Aaron
  • The waitstaff was so overly busy that it was hard to get a cup of coffee or even place our order. - Jessica
  • It is really hard to give this place a grade. - Yisi
  • And, is the name of this place a euphemism for a certain part of women's anatomy, or is that just my sick mind? - Jessica
  • We love eating breakfast out with our group of friends, so we chose this place becuase of its' wonderful review in the Arizona Republic. - Ellen