Cornish Pasty Company



Positive 42

  • The service super friendly and helpful. - Rianne
  • Top it off with great service and a beautiful atmosphere and I'm in love. - Jenni
  • Great food and Great service! - Mike
  • Fantastic food, great service! - Olivia
  • Reasonably priced delicious food, a wide variety of brews and attentive service all make it a great experience here. - Meagan
  • The service staff was great, fast and friendly. - Heather
  • Amazing food and great service. - Chuck
  • Friendly service, excellent food. - Marris
  • Great service. - Chris
  • Consistently friendly and attentive service is only outdone by the tasty and original menu. - Living

Negative 22

  • A pasty is a pasty, but bad service will shut you down. - Big
  • Service SUCKED!! - James
  • It took 10 minutes for our waitress to approach the table, which wasn't initially a problem but the service only went downhill from there. - Juleah
  • I don't think that a restaurant concept of rude service is a good one. - Brent
  • Unfortunately the service was very disappointing. - Veronica
  • CPC, you would have gotten FIVE stars if your service didn't suck butt. - Emily
  • HOWEVER the incredibly horrible service was impossible to overlook. - Heather
  • Service is horrible. - James
  • Lately the service has severely lacked, it's like they're doing us a favor by serving us. - Big
  • Also, service was really spotty. - Brittanie



Positive 17

  • Excellent restaurant. - Juliana
  • l love this roomy, pubby, delicious restaurant. - Carol
  • This restaurant manages to be the trifecta of perfect, as it's good for friends, good for low key dates and good for parents too. - Lauren
  • This restaurant was great. - J
  • Wow, I was definitely impressed by this restaurant. - Jamie
  • First, I love a restaurant with a sense of humor. - Kristin
  • I love this restaurant! - Julie
  • The restaurant itself was also really nice. - Jamie
  • I LOVE this restaurant!! - Heather
  • Service is always friendly, and it's always happening at this awesome local restaurant. - Al

Negative 8

  • You shouldn't leave a restaurant feeling upset and humiliated. - Nicole
  • I don't think that a restaurant concept of rude service is a good one. - Brent
  • I felt like I was an imposition by eating at that restaurant. - Veronica
  • But was very disappointed that this restaurant does not honor our Veterans or Senior Citizens with a discount. - Bike Chaplain
  • The inside of the restaurant smells really bad to me. - Andrea
  • The restaurant itself is extremely laid back and comfortable, and set up very differently than any other restaurant I've ever been to. - Holly
  • First, as other reviewers have noted, there is a really bad odor inside the restaurant. - Belinda
  • In fact the restaurant became snobish when asking. - Bike Chaplain



Positive 105

  • Great atmosphere good beer and great food. - S
  • Great food, great atmosphere, great music, and great beer! - Nicole
  • Great food great price! - Matthew
  • Food was incredibly delicious. - Crystal
  • Perfect for comfort food! - Bonnie
  • An amazing beer selection, great atmosphere, super cool staff, and the food was outstanding! - Erin
  • Great food and Great service! - Mike
  • Great beer, Great food! - Mariann
  • Great food, great beer. - Claudine
  • Fantastic food, great service! - Olivia

Negative 20

  • Having heard the stories of our adventures in England and just how bad the food was there, this is a bit of a running joke in our house. - Nicole
  • I wish I could tell you about the food but after almost an hour without getting any, we decided to leave. - Brent
  • It wasn't a food smell but a people smell (an intimate people smell.... ugh). - Brittanie
  • Sooo.. they may have great food, but I really have no desire to go back. - Nicole
  • Some food can be eaten cold. - Brian
  • The food was somewhat pricey and my dish, Veggie Rosemary Chicken, was bland. - Robin
  • I was so appalled that not only did we not order any food, we actually left our alcohol behind. - Shannon
  • Food is extremely SALTY. - B
  • We gave up and left - the Thai food next door was fantastic. - T
  • Training of the employees has got to be number one and sadly its the food number one. - James

tempe location


Positive 9

  • Liked the Tempe location but like this one better. - Maria
  • I like the Tempe location better but this one is good too! - heidi
  • I like this location better than the Tempe location because it has more seating and a better scene for visiting with friends. - Scott
  • This location is much easier to find ( they have a pretty big sign out front) compared to the Tempe location which is more of a hidden gem. - Lindsay
  • I enjoy the Mesa location with family, but prefer the grittier "coal mine-like" atmosphere of the original Tempe location if I'm alone or with the guys. - Joe
  • Well worth the drive, and I will definitely make a visit to the Tempe location closer to home. - Vijay
  • The Mesa location is on considerably bigger than the Tempe location and I love the old church pews lined up as picnic tables for a large group. - Tina
  • I prefer this location over the one in Tempe. - Pixi
  • I prefer this location over tempe, it seems to be less packed at busy times. - Adam

Negative 2

  • I'll give the Tempe location a try, hopefully service will be better, but I won't go back to the Mesa location again. - Juleah
  • Maybe the other location in Tempe would be better. - Veronica

cornish pasty co


Positive 8

  • I love Cornish Pasty Co. - Rania
  • Cornish Pasty Co. is awesome! - Taylor
  • The Cornish Pasty Co. is incredible. - Kathleen
  • I am in love with Cornish Pasty Co. - Naomi
  • But Cornish Pasty Co pulls it off so well. - Jamie
  • ) and TWO bathrooms the new Mesa location of the Cornish Pasty Co. is sure to be a huge success. - Michael
  • I liked Cornish Pasty Co because its simple: pastys, beer and a couple of sides. - Emily
  • In a land of endless Chipotle and Red Lobster locations the Cornish Pasty Co is a true GEM! - Tonneli

Negative 2

  • I am hesitant to go back to Cornish Pasty Co because of the service. - Veronica
  • When I walked into the Cornish Pasty Co., I immediately felt like I was home. - Holly



Positive 89

  • love love love this place! - Madame
  • Awesome Place. - Autum
  • Great place! - Renee
  • So good and such a great place. - Preston
  • Wonderful, cozy feel in the place too. - Claudine
  • Great date place. - Frank
  • The variety of options is astounding for a place with a menu largely dominated by a single item: the humble pasty. - Cari
  • We HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this awesome place! - Marc
  • They are always friendly and good service.. Also a great date place for at night. - Tyler
  • The place was so clean and just bright and airy. - Heather

Negative 11

  • But then I thought of all of the amazing reviews about this place on Yelp, and how we thought it might become a regular haunt for us. - Nicole
  • This place has a reputation for hiring only douchebags for waiters and they totally lived up to it. - Brent
  • The glass ware was dirty, the silverware was filthy, and the place was just an outright mess. - Shannon
  • First, the place smelled bad upon walking in. - Pal
  • Backstory - when I was a teenager and would hang out weekends in Harvard Square my favorite place to eat was Warburtons - anyone remember it? - Fauzia
  • Good service is important and this place totally failed on it. - Brent
  • I want to like this place but the staff is cold and inconsiderate. - Steven
  • This place lost two stars because of the unbelievably horrid service we received. - Amy
  • Why does this place have a FUNKY smell to it? - Earl
  • Ambiance of this place was noisy, the seating uncomfortable and dark, the music was blasting too loud to where my GF asked twice to lower the volume. - Curt



Positive 35

  • Love this location, amazing waitresses, perfect pasties, Love ! - Courtney
  • CPC has a great variety of pasties. - Eric
  • Excellent pasties. - Erik
  • I don't normally like pasties or pies that aren't sweet. - Jamie
  • The pasties are do good - we have been several times and not had a single bad one. - P
  • The pasties are huge and delicious. - Jeff
  • TONS of great beers are always on tap and their pasties are amazing. - Morgan
  • Awesome pasties - so many vegetarian selections!! - Ellen
  • The pasties are all incredible. - Max
  • The Cornish Pasties are amazing. - Lindsay

Negative 2

  • You can't keep me away from my pasties so easily. - Brittanie
  • The pasties are smallish compared with portions at most restaurants and a little on the expensive side at 8 to 10 dollars each. - Brian

cornish pasty


Positive 24

  • I definitely recommend Cornish Pasty for a unique dining experience with great service and delicious food. - Lindsay
  • I love Cornish Pasty Co. - Rania
  • Cornish Pasty - Lindsay
  • Cornish Pasty is a great example of my theory that food inside of food is always delicious! - Kelly
  • Cornish Pasty Company is my first stop on my quest to try the Hot on Yelp top 5... - Robert
  • I LOVE cornish pasty!! - Lauren
  • I love the Cornish Pasty! - Bonnie
  • Cornish Pasty Co. is awesome! - Taylor
  • The Cornish Pasty Co. is incredible. - Kathleen
  • I eat at Cornish Pasty at least once a month because the food is that good and the atmosphere is ago much fun. - Audrey

Negative 3

  • Sorry Cornish Pasty! - Fauzia
  • I am hesitant to go back to Cornish Pasty Co because of the service. - Veronica
  • When I walked into the Cornish Pasty Co., I immediately felt like I was home. - Holly